Chemical light, light bar for boats

The chemical light ,  is a basic combination of two elements, that when united, they produce the reaction that gives light. The elements are called luciferase and luciferin, then it is translated into oxidants and oxalates. These are inside the light bars. These elements are introduced in: a) a glass ampoule and b) semi-rigid plastic tube. The ampule a is inserted into the tube containing said liquid b. When the tube is bent, the inner glass ampoule breaks and then the a and b components are mixed and the chemical reaction occurs.

Chemical light is used:

 In a variety of places and situations. For example.

  1. In safety, to signalize danger zones, rescue zones, relief zones, among others.
  2. In sports activities such as diving, yachting.
  3. In outdoor activities, fishing, camping, emergency shop.
  4. In events to animate concerts, congresses, sporting events.
  5. In military activities.
  6. And in any type of activity in which there is no need to rely on batteries, batteries, electricity, among others

What happens if the tube accidentally breaks?

  1. The tube can be broken by the insistence of bending it or in a very closed angle, or exert excessive force, in this case it can happen:
  2. That enters liquid in contact with the skin, in this case you have to wash the skin with soap and water, there may be a rash.
  3. That between liquid in contact with the eyes, in this case the eyes should be washed immediately, with a large amount of totally clean and fresh water. In case of irritation or congestion go to the doctor.
  4. That between liquid in contact with the clothes, in this case the said liquid can stain the clothes, it will be necessary to wash and most likely that dry washing will be needed.

How long is the chemical light retained?

Technical studies show that light is conserved for 3 or 4 years approximately after the date of manufacture, of course, if it is kept under ideal conditions.

Is its use safe?

The chemical light is totally safe, the materials that are used are not at all toxic or flammable.

Can it be turned off?

The chemical light once it is activated, can not be turned off. The duration depends on the type of models and the conditions of that.

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